Design and quality

Rollwasher and Cl.a.inox have assembled their best resources in order to continue, to confirm and to improve the way that they had individually taken yet, following some guide lines based on design and quality.

This collaboration can allow us to improve the organisation of our warehouse to have always some machines ready to be send to our clients, but we want also to have a better assistance for our clients and maintenance after-sales.

Design and planning will be always handled by Rollwasher technical bureau, but our promotions, realisation and the placing on the market will be organised by CL.A.Inox.

The technical experience, with planning of Rollwasher, associated with the skill of machinery building of CL.A.Inox. , will take us to compete with the biggest international builders for Golf Clubs and for Hygiene and industrial Sanitisation equipement, with a special attention for agricultural and food industry, but also for waste treatment and water depuration.

We want also to remember that all our machines have CE legistlation about machine security and they are equipped with CE mark, declaration of CE conformity, handbook CE, electric and cynematic scheme for replacements.

The whole machines are built in Italy, with semi-processed producted here in Italy and trade and components of prestigious europeans brands.

The biggest role of our techs is the one that combine the Made In Italy, which concerns design and quality, with the cheapest price.
The consensus achieved by societies and clients who bought our products, are our biggest satisfaction and the confirme that it’s work.

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