• Rollwasher TW/800

    Rollwasher TW/800

    Rotating nylon brushes and moreover is complete of solenoid valve and spraying nozzles for washing...

    Not available

  • Rollwasher RW/500

    Rollwasher RW/500

    Shoe polishing machine with high quality nylon brush, for a perfect cleaning of the sole.


  • Rollwasher CW/500

    Rollwasher CW/500

    The machine is equipped with two rotating brushes, with differentiated bristels in height and...

    Not available

  • Rollwasher RW/700 - DS

    Rollwasher RW/700 - DS

    Machine equipped with two brushes for cleaning of the sole and large drawer for half time and costs...

    Not available

  • Rollwasher AC/800

    Rollwasher AC/800

    This machine is equipped with a highly silent compressor positioned in the rear of the machine.

    Not available

  • Rollwasher RW/700 - AC

    Rollwasher RW/700 - AC

    3 in 1 Multi-function machine. The RW/700 AC is our top of the line product.

    Not available

  • Rollwasher RW/700

    Rollwasher RW/700

    Multi-function machine with double brush and double-way rotation, for a perfect cleaning of the...

    Not available

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