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Rollwasher RW/700

Categoria: Golf

Multi-function machine with double brush and double-way rotation, for a perfect cleaning of the sole and the shoeupper of the shoe.

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Product description

  • Made in italy : the machine is entirely manufactured in Italy, with semi-finished products and components manufactured in prestigious Italian and European trade markets.
  • Push-button station with low voltage push buttons (24 volt), in conformity with the rules in force about the machine safety.
  • Electric plant with INVERTER technology.
  • Patented model – nr. 0006174393-0001.
  • CE mark and instruction manual.
  • Possibility of customization with colours and Logo chosen by the customer.
  • Special rotating brushes, with high quality nylon bristles.
  • Designed for golf, but also very good for all outdoor sports (tennis, football, riding, etc).
  • On request: outdoor placement possibility.
  • Stainless steel dispenser for the shoe polish cream.

Dimension and technical features:

  • Widht: 74 cm
  • Height: 96 cm
  • Depth: 38 cm
  • Weight: ~ 60 kg
  • Brush diameter: 15 cm
  • Brushes motor power: 0,25 kw
  • The machine is equipped with two brushes side be side, the first one for the cleaning of the sole and the other one for the cleaning of the shoe upper part.
  • Through a selector placed in the centre of the push button station, choose the part of the shoe to be cleaned (sole or shoe upper part) and then, pressing at the same time the two-way push buttons, choose also the rotation direction (double-way rotation for the sole and only towards the lower part for the shoe upper part). Even if you release only one of the two push buttons, the machine stops.
  • The INVERTER technology allows to obtain different speeds for the sole and the shoe upper part. The speeds are preset during the start-up and before the delivery of the machine.
  • Through the double-way rotation the operation-life and the cleaning efficiency, is many times longer than traditional shoe polishing machines.
  • The transmission system is by toothed belt and does not need maintenance.
  • The machine is equipped with a container for the dirt placed under the brush by the side of the sole, and with a non-slip plate under the brush by the side of the shoe upper part.
  • Machine is manufactured in galvanized steel, and the surface is protected with a special powder coating stabilized in the oven.






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